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Even your friends ads...

And even dark posts

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This is sick!! Just watched the demo, this is super powerful... When are you launching it?

Nishant Bhardwaj
Tee Cash Kit

AdFinder is a sweet tool you've built Bruce. I love that it quickly finds ads for shirts, CPA offers, niche products or whatever I want to spy on, without any restrictions at all. This is super easy to use and pulls results in seconds. Good job man!

John Hostler

Those sound like some cool features... Looking forward to trying it out.

I think a tool like this could help because my partners and I are always on the lookout for current best-selling designs to use as inspiration.

Ed Crabtree
Bad Ass T-Shirt Marketer

The App is working great!
Now you should have something like that for Pinterest 🙂

Phil Kyprianou
The Inception Club

What Can You Do With Adfinder?

  • Spy On Your Competition

    Find ALL your competitors ads on Facebook… Even the dark posts. Nothing can hide from Adfinder

  • Generate Ideas

    Search your niche for new ideas that are hot sellers

  • Spot New Trends Quickly

    Find hot trends and see exactly what’s working to sell to them.

  • Discover New Niches

    Search through niche lists to find new rabid niches to market to

  • Research Lightning Fast

    Adfinder runs on top of your browser so you can run search after search at lightning speed.

  • Use Your Favorite Browser

    Adfinder is a native application for Windows or Mac and works with your default browser. You’re not tied to Chrome.

  • Search Your Friends Posts

    If you’ve got marketer friends, you’ll be able to specifically search for posts they’ve liked and shared so you can see exactly what they’re up to.

  • Search By Date Ranges

    Find ads run in the last minute, last week, last month or even last year.

  • Find Dark Posts

    The instant a dark post is liked or shared, Adfinder will find it. Ads have nowhere to hide

  • Find Every Product

    Sure, Adfinder can find t-shirts and hoodies, but it can also find jewelry, ebooks, electronics and more. Any product you can think of can be uncovered.

  • Buying Keyword Based Searches

    Adfinder searches by keyword so when you use words like “limited edition” or “click here”, Adfinder reveals products being sold that you’d never even think of.

  • Finds Ads With Cloaked Links

    Advertisers can’t use cloaked links or redirects to hide from Adfinder. It finds every ad.

For Windows or Mac

Adfinder is an easy to install native application for for Windows or Mac. It's lightning fast and always stays on top of your browser to fire out searches as fast as you can click

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